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Our Slack app allows you to post new ticket information and ticket updates directly into your slack channels.

Installing the app

To install the Slack app go to Admin > Apps > Apps > Slack then hit Install app

At this point you’ll be presented with a screen requesting a webhook URL:


Creating a webhook

We’ll need to generate this in Slack

Open up Slack and hit ‘Add apps’ in the apps area in the first column.


In the ‘Browse apps’ section search ‘Incoming Webhooks’, install and hit ‘Add configuration’.

On the configuration page you can specify the channel you wish to post to.


Select your channel and And hit ‘Add incoming webhooks’ integration.

This will install the integration and create your webhook.

Please note the channel specified here will not be the only channel you can post to from Deskpro. Deskpro can leverage the webhook to post to any channel but Slack requires you to specify one.

You will then be taken automatically to the webhook setup page, at the top of which you will see your webhook URL:


Copy this and navigate back to the app in Deskpro. Paste it in and hit install app.

Adding Slack Triggers

Once installed a trigger Action ‘Announce to Slack’ will be added and you can add this to the required triggers.

In the example below this will push an announcement to the customer service channel when a new ticket is created in support:


This will show in Slack as :


As mentioned, although our webhook was created for the customer service channel in Slack, we can still use it to post to other channels.

If I update the trigger to #General:


Then we can post here instead:


You can also create multiple triggers to post to multiple channels in different scenarios as required.

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First published: 08/08/2019

Last updated: Sep 6, 2019 by Matthew Wray