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Salesforce v2 App

Deskpro Apps

Our Salesforce app allows you to pull in data from your Salesforce account and display this when you view a ticket, user or organization profile in Deskpro.

To install this app:

  1. Go to Admin > Apps > Apps > Select Salesforce v2 > Click 'Install App'.


  1. Sign into your Salesforce account in another browser tab and go to Setup.

  2. Under Platform Tools, click Apps > App Manager > New Connected App (top right-hand corner).

  3. On that page, fill in the required fields ('API Name' will auto-fill once you have entered a 'Connected App Name').

  4. Check 'Enable OAuth Settings' under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section. Add 'api' and 'refresh_token' OAuth scopes at least.

  5. The 'Connected app callback URL' should automatically populate in the Deskpro app settings. Copy and paste this into the 'Callback URL' field in Salesforce.


  1. Click 'Save', then 'Continue'. Note that is can take 2-10 minutes before you can use the connected app.

  2. Once the Connected app is created, copy the 'Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret' from Salesforce into the installer form on Deskpro.

  3. Click 'Update Settings' and you should get a pop up from Salesforce to authenticate the app. You'll need to allow pop-ups for your Deskpro site if you don't immediately get this pop-up.

Mapping Data from Salesforce

Now that the app is installed, you can choose which fields you want to map from Salesforce into Deskpro. Currently you can map data from objects in Salesforce which match the email address of a ticket owner in Deskpro. The data you pull in will be listed in the collapsible app pane.

  1. Click on the 'Add Salesforce Object' tab.


  1. Select an object which can be mapped using the email address field, such as 'Contact' or 'Lead'.

  2. Double-click on any of the object's fields that you want to display in Deskpro. Your selected fields will populate in a list on the right-hand side.


  1. Optionally, select related object fields to display. This option will allow you to pull in additional data from another object, such as 'Contract' or 'Asset'. Double-click the fields you wish to display in Deskpro.


  1. In the next drop-down, keep 'Ticket' selected to map the data when viewing a ticket in Deskpro.

  2. In the next drop-down, select 'Email', as we will be mapping the email data. Then select 'Ticket Owner Email' in the selection box below.

  3. Click 'Create Field Mapping' > 'Add Object'.


  1. Go to the 'View Salesforce Objects' tabs and you will see the mapped fields confirmed.


  1. Navigate to the ticketing interface and open a ticket for a user whom you have records for in Salesforce. You will now see their Salesforce details listed in the app pane on the right-hand side of the ticket.


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First published: 01/02/2019

Last updated: Apr 17, 2019 by Grace Howlett