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Microsoft Translator

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Installing the Microsoft Translator app adds automatic message translation features to the agent interface.

To install this app, you first need to sign up with the Microsoft Text Translator service and get the needed credentials.

  1. Sign up for a Microsoft account, or log in to your existing Microsoft account.

  2. Sign up for Windows Azure Marketplace, or log in to your existing account. Registration is free but does require phone and card verification.

  3. Subscribe to the Microsoft Text Translator API. When creating your account, you can select the F0 Free subscription which offers 2 million characters of translation per month. Click the 'View pricing plans' link next to the 'Pricing tier' drop-down menu if you want to see an overview of all plans available.


  1. Once you have added the Text Translator in your Azure account, you should see the 'Cognitive services' subscription on your dashboard. Click on this to open the quick start page.


  1. Click on Keys either under the 'Resource management' menu or from the link under 'Step 1: Grab your keys'.


  1. In the 'Manage keys' area, you should see 3 fields: Name, Key 1 and Key 2.


  1. You can now install the app by going to Apps in the Deskpro admin interface, selecting Microsoft Translator and clicking Install.

  2. You need to provide two values to complete the setup:

  • Client ID: Copy and paste whatever appears in the 'Name' field in the 'Manage Keys' area of your Azure account.
  • Client Secret: Copy and paste either 'Key 1' or 'Key 2'.
  1. Click Install App.

The Translator functions will now be available from the agent interface. Agents can translate outgoing messages they are entering into the reply box, or translate messages from a ticket’s history.


Remember that the Translator app can be useful to help agents understand messages in a language they don’t speak, but they should be cautious about sending translated messages since machine translation is often far from perfect.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Jul 25, 2018 by Grace Howlett