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Jira v2 App

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Our Jira v2 app allows you to create Jira issues from the helpdesk and link tickets with issues.

To install this app:

1) Go to Admin > Apps > Apps > Select 'Jira v2' > Click 'JIRA V2' > Install App.


2) In the next screen you will have to configure several options:

  • Use your own keys or click 'Generate Keys' to have Deskpro generate a pair for you. They are generated when you load the interface.

  • Fill the 'The JIRA instance you want to connect to' field with the root url to your JIRA server for example: if you are using the cloud version.

  • The JIRA Consumer Key will be a code used to identify Deskpro in your JIRA instance. You can define a custom and identifiable name.

  • IMPORTANT - You cannot hit Update Settings. We will return to this screen later in the configuration.


3) Now in your Jira installation (either Cloud or on-premises), go to Jira Settings > Products > Application links. Enter your helpdesk URL and click 'Create new link'.


4) If you receive a warning the url being invalid although you enter it correctly, it's safe to click 'Continue' and ignore it.


5) Fill in the fields as shown in the image below and make sure you enable 'Create incoming link' then click 'Continue'.

  • The 'Application Name' can be a name picked by you to identify the application
  • Check the option 'Create incoming link' and click continue


6) In the new popup, enter the required details

  • Paste the 'Consumer Key' as you defined in Deskpro configuration
  • Type a 'Consumer Name', it's just an identifiable string
  • Paste the 'Public Key' obtained in Deskpro configuration and click Continue.


7) Go back to Deskpro to the final configuration of JIRA

  • Make sure 'Consumer Key' that you added in Jira into the 'JIRA Consumer Key' matches the one in Deskpro.
  • Click 'Update Settings' and give your consent in the pop-up that appears to authorize the connection between the app and Jira.
  • Note: You may need to enable/allow pop-ups if this does not appear.


Congratulations! You can now start linking existing Jira issues in tickets, or adding new Jira issues directly within Deskpro.

Adding Jira Issues:

  1. Navigate to the ticketing interface and open a ticket.

  2. In the collapsible app pane, click '+ Add'.

  3. Choose the 'Project', 'Issue Type' and enter a 'Summary'. These are the required fields, but you can click 'Show All Fields' if you want to add more information for this issue.

  4. Cick 'Create'. A new issue will be created in Jira and you will see a link to view this issue in the Deskpro app pane.


Linking Jira Issues:

  1. Navigate to the ticketing interface and open a ticket.

  2. In the collapsible app pane, click 'Find'.

  3. Search for the Jira issue ID and select the issue from the results list.


Unlinking Jira issues:

  1. If you wish to unlink the issue from the ticket, click on the cog icon and click 'Unlink'.


Editing Jira Issues:

  1. If you wish to edit a Jira Issue, just access the collapsible app pane, click on the cog and click Edit.


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First published: 06/02/2019

Last updated: Jul 2, 2019 by Hugo Pinto