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Deskpro Apps

Installing this app gives you a new Triggers action which can send messages to a rooms on the HipChatIM service.

This enables you to set up useful IM alerts, for example, notification of important tickets.

You must sign up for a HipChat account first.

  1. Log in to the HipChat web interface and go to Group admin > API or*.

  2. Under Create new token, make sure Admin is selected and enter a label so you can remember what the token is for.


  3. Copy the API token.

  4. In the Deskpro admin interface, go to Apps, select HipChat and click Install.


  5. Paste the API Token into the field. Check Notify if you want HipChat users who have joined the room to get an audio/pop-up notification when a new message is sent.

  6. Click Test Settings to check that the API token is correct.

  7. Click Install App.

  8. You can now use the Announce to HipChat Room action in triggers.


Make sure that you have entered the name of the HipChat room exactly as it appears in HipChat.

  • Note, you must use an API token from the HipChat “Group admin” settings. The API access token for your individual account will not work. You may need to consult the person who administers your HipChat setup.
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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 27, 2017 by Paul Davies