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OpenID Connect setup

Authentication and SSO

OpenID Connect enables your agents and/or users to sign in to your helpdesk with a OpenID Connect account.

If you are using a SSO system like OpenID, you must make sure that your helpdesk is running with HTTPS. If you only use the option "Force HTTPS" without declaring the url with HTTPS the SSO will not work. To change the Helpdesk URL please go to Admin > Setup > Settings or follow the guide Enabling SSL

You can use any OpenID Connect supplier, we used for it's simplicity.

1- Visit and register for an account

2-Chose your domain and the region and click Next auth0_5.png

3- Use your details on the account type and click CREATE ACCOUNT auth6.png

4- Create a new application - Use Web App


5- Open the App under the Settings tab. You will need some information to install the OpenID Connect app under Deskpro.
6- In Deskpro, under Agents -> Auth & SSO click in OpenID Connect Authentication


7- The field SSO: Single Sign On Identity is just an identifier and be customized with no impact on the SSO.

8- You will have to supply the Provider URL, Client ID and Client Secret obtained in the Settings screen. If you are using manual login the Login Button Text has to be set as well. For more information on SSO options, please visit the guide Understanding SSO options

9- Now in side, you have to set the following fields:
* Allowed Callback URLs: Depending on your setup, you may need to add several URL's in this field. If the OpenID Connect is to be used both by Agents and Users, you will have to add both URL's (you need to setup both connectors). The url will vary depending if it is for Agent or Users:

Agent: https://yourhelpdeskdomain/agent/login/authenticate-callback/APP_ID
Users: https://yourhelpdeskdomain/login/authenticate-callback/APP_ID

To know how to obtain the APP_ID for each hyperlink, you can use thir article in our knowledgebase How do I find the ID number of a trigger or other item?

  • Allowed Web Origins: The domain or sub-domains where the requests will be originated. The HTTPS must be used for proper operation: https://yourhelpdeskdomain
  • Allowed Logout URLs: A set of URLs that are valid to redirect to after logout from Auth0: https://yourhelpdeskdomain
  • Allowed Origins (CORS): Allowed Origins are URLs that will be allowed to make requests from JavaScript to Auth0 API (typically used with CORS): https://yourhelpdeskdomain

10- From the agent login screen you can now use the OpenID Connect button (or Automatic login)


11- You will be prompted to use the auth0 login, either with a Google account or any other you prefer to use


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First published: 05/06/2019

Last updated: Jun 5, 2019 by Hugo Pinto