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Triggers for Automation

Launching Your Helpdesk

Triggers perform automatic actions in response to Ticket events.

Actions can include sending auto-reply emails, changing the properties of the Ticket, or almost anything an Agent can do manually.


The basic helpdesk functions, like notifying a User when an Agent replies, are all carried out by built-in Triggers which you can edit.

Two important types are:

Email account triggers: these run when a Ticket is created via an email account; these Triggers are responsible for linking email accounts to Departments e.g. assigning Tickets from your sales@ account to the Sales Department.

Department triggers: these run when a Ticket is created from a web interface (your Portal, embeds or forms in your website, etc.); these Triggers link Tickets submitted via the web to an email account, so that for a Ticket submitted to the Support Department, related emails are sent via your support@account.

You can add your own custom Triggers to automate your support process, enforce business rules, etc.

Triggers can run in response to a New Ticket, a New Reply or a Ticket Update (when a Ticket’s properties are changed). With a custom Trigger you can specify extra criteria that must be met before it runs.

You can edit the built-in Triggers or add your own at Admin > Tickets > Triggers.

For full details about Triggers, see the Triggers.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 26, 2017 by Paul Davies