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Deskpro basic concepts

Introducing Deskpro

Here are a few key terms and concepts we’ll be using throughout this manual.


Every issue (like a complaint or question) becomes a Ticket in Deskpro; a Ticket gives you a unified view of all the communication about an issue.


People who need help and support from your helpdesk, whether that is external customers or co-workers who need help (for example, if you’re running an IT helpdesk). Every Ticket belongs to a user.


Someone within your enterprise who uses Deskpro to help users, such as an IT support worker or customer service Agent.


An Admin is an Agent who can configure the helpdesk by accessing the Deskpro Admin interface.


Departments are a way to divide up the helpdesk and control access. They are typically used to reflect the internal organization of your enterprise e.g. you could have Sales, Support and Research departments. Every Ticket always has a Department.


Organizations can be used to record the company (or other enterprise) to which each User belongs.

Web Portal

This is a web interface for users to interact with the helpdesk; depending on how you choose to configure it, Users can view their Tickets, submit Feedback, see Knowledgebase Articles, etc. If enabled, it will be accessible to Users at the base URL of your helpdesk e.g. or


Agent interface

The Deskpro interface that your Agents use to respond to Tickets. When you have set up your helpdesk, it will be at ( is the URL of your helpdesk).


Admin interface

The Deskpro interface that you will use to configure and maintain the helpdesk. It will be at /.


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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 26, 2017 by Paul Davies