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Account Types

Introducing Deskpro

There are three different account levels in Deskpro: User accounts, Agent accounts and Admin accounts.

User accounts

User accounts govern how your Users interact with the helpdesk.

By default, an account is created as soon as a User emails the helpdesk or submits a Ticket. You can change the requirements for creating a User account with by changing your helpdesk User registration settings.

What a User can do on the helpdesk depends on their Usergroup permissions. Examples of User actions include:

  • Creating a Ticket via the web Portal.
  • Creating a Ticket by sending an email.
  • Rating web Portal content and leaving comments.
  • Initiating live Chat with Agents.

You can configure your helpdesk to control which of these functions are available to Users who aren’t logged in (guest users).

See the Usergroup permissions section for more details.

Agent accounts

Agent accounts are User accounts, with the additional permission to log in to the Agent interface. They are designed for people within your organization who will be using the helpdesk to help Users, but don’t need to manage helpdesk settings.

Individual Agents have permissions settings which determine what they can do from the Agent interface. You can also assign permissions to multiple Agents at a time using Agent permissions groups.

Agents may or may not have permission to access the reports interface to generate detailed, custom tables and graphs about helpdesk activity (see the Deskpro Reports Manual for details).

See the Agent Permissions section for more details.

Admin accounts

Admin accounts are Agent accounts, with the additional permission to log in to the Admin interface.

Admins can change all the helpdesk settings, and edit the permissions of all Agent and Admin accounts, including converting an Agent to or from an Admin.

Note that all Admin accounts have the same abilities; there is no ‘master’ Admin account, and there is no difference between the initial Admin account that you use to create the helpdesk and any subsequent Admin's that are created afterwards.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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