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How to: Delete News Posts

Managing and Deleting Personal Data

To delete news posts, go to Publish in the agent interface.

Click on the News drop-down in the filter pane.

Deleting Single Posts

Select the news category you wish to delete posts from.

Now Click on the post you wish to delete.

You will now see the post details in the content pane.


Click the Delete button in the PROPERTIES section of the content pane.

The post will now be deleted.

Deleting Post Categories

News categories can only be deleted once that category is empty, and contains no news posts.

Ensure you have deleted the posts in the news category you wish to delete.

Select the category you wish to delete.

Click on the folder tab next to the name of the category at the top of the list pane.


Click the Delete Category button.

The post category will now be deleted.

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First published: 15/05/2018

Last updated: Jan 31, 2019 by James Godwin