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To delete agents. Got to Admin > Agents > Agents.

Here you will see a list of all agents with accounts on your helpdesk.

To delete an agent, click the agent's name.

On the right hand side, you will see a pane appear containing the agent's details with the Properties tab open.


Here you can delete the selected agent by pressing the Delete button displayed at the bottom right corner of the pane.

After pressing the Delete button, you can choose to Convert to User, or Mark as deleted.


Select Mark as deleted, and click the Mark the agent account as deleted button.

This stops the person being able to log in to either the Portal or the Agent and Admin Interfaces.

Tickets assigned to the agent will remain assigned, until their status is updated to 'awaiting agent', which will then cause them to become unassigned.

Once deleted, agents will appear in the Deleted Agents list under Admin > Agents > Agents.


By clicking on the name of the deleted agent, you will be given options to Restore agent or Convert agent into user.


Clicking Restore agent will allow them to log in to the agent interface using their old credentials. The agent will retain the same settings and permissions the account had when it was deleted.

Clicking Convert agent into user will remove all agent properties from the account, and turn it into a user. The account will be able to perform normal user actions, such as creating tickets and replying to agents.

Choosing neither of these options will cause the agent account to remain deleted.

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First published: 15/05/2018

Last updated: Jan 31, 2019 by James Godwin