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Cloud licensing

Billing and Licensing

The Deskpro licensing limit is on the number of agent accounts you can have at any one time.

The limit is on the number of accounts that exist; not on the number of agents who can log in simultaneously.

Creating and then deleting an agent does not “use up” an agent account.

If you run out of agents, you can Deleting an Agent in order to be able to create more.

For example, suppose you have a license for 10 agents and you already have 10 agent accounts. Two of the accounts are for agents who have left the company. After deleting those two agents, you will then be able to create two more agents.


Your monthly charge is based on the number of agents your license allows, not the number of agents you are using.

Changing a license

You can increase or decrease the number of agents at any time.

If you try to add more agents than your license allows from any part of the admin interface, you will be prompted to add agents.

If you want to increase the number of agents, click Add Agent Seats.

Changing number of agents

Your bill for a period will reflect the number of agents you had, adjusted for time.

For example, suppose your initial license is for 5 agents, but you then add 5 more agents halfway through your first month.

You would pay the standard monthly fee for the original 5 agents ($30 per agent per month = $150).

You would then add the montly price for the extra 5 agents, multiplied by the fraction of the month you had them.

In this example, you had 5 agents for half the month, so you would pay $150 / 2 = $75.

So the total bill for this simple example would be $150 + 75 = $225.

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First published: 24/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 27, 2017 by Paul Davies