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Proactive Chat Settings

Messenger Setup

When you first enable messenger you will have a passive widget by default.

This means when a user navigates to your site or helpcentre there'll just see the icon discreetly placed in the corner of your page:


If you'd like to actively push your users towards your chat channel though you can use the proactive chat option.

If enabled you can choose from one of the widgets below to load, all of which allow the user to dirctly launch a chat.


You can choose for the proactive chat widget to open on loading the page or add a delay so it loads after a specified duration

Proactive Chat options

Greeting Options : The default 'Get in Touch' can be edited to whatever best suits your brand.

Options Here you can set the copy for title, description and placeholder text which control the sections illustrated below:


Note that with some widget types Placeholder will be replaced with Button Text.

By default the copy for proactive chat will match that in the full widget but you can set these to differ if needed.

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First published: 20/07/2020

Last updated: Jul 20, 2020 by Matthew Wray