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Chat Settings

Messenger Setup

Users can access Chat exclusively through the Messenger widget (for information on the backend Chat setup see our Chat Guide ).

Whether you have this placed on the helpcentre or your own site there are a number of options you can set from the Messenger admin area.

Enable / Disable chat: If disabled Messenger will display just the Knowledgebase search and the submit ticket options.

Default Chat Department : Set the default department from your list of chat departments

Who can use Chat: Set the Usergroups you would like to give chat access to.

Chat Prompt Message: The default message a user sees when they instigate a chat:


Chat Options

Here you can define the appearence of the chat box in the widget.

There are options to set copy for title, description and button text which control the sections illustrated below:


You can also slect the 'Show agent profile photos option' to display these in Messenger as well:


Pre-chat form

The pre-chat form options allow you to capture information from users before a conversation commences. This should help give your agents a head start on the chat.

If you simply enable the form without updating any other settings the users name and email will be requested (although the fields are not required).

Form Message : Allows you to add an introductory message on the form:


Chat Fields

Here you can define which fields will be included on the pre-chat form and whether they will be required or optional. You can include the inbuilt Name, Email and department fields here and also any custom fields you've setup in Chat > Fields


Note that the name and email fields will not show for users who are logged in.

Unanswered Chat

Here we can define how Deskpro behaves if a chat is left unanswered.

We can set the amount of time before the chat fails over to the unanswered chat action:


And then we can set the action to one of the following options:

Just show busy

This will show a busy message to the user as a message in the chat. By default this will be 'Sorry, no one is online to accept your chat.'

You can edit this by opening up the phrase editor beneath the message preview: image.png

Save missed chat as ticket

The user will see the message below after the timeout:


If they select yes a ticket will be created, the properties of which can also be defined in the options below:


Department: The ticket department the ticket will be created under.

Subject: There are two options here.

  1. Text set by admin - allows admin to enter a generic subject (by default this will use Ticket from {name} with the name variable).
  2. Use first 5 words of the message,

Direct the user to a new ticket

The message below will appear in the chat directing the user towards the new ticket form:


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First published: 20/07/2020

Last updated: Jul 20, 2020 by Matthew Wray