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Monitoring email accounts

Email Accounts

You can view logs of the status of incoming and outgoing email messages under Tickets > Email Accounts.


Viewing these logs can be useful when troubleshooting email problems.

Bear in mind that email processing does not happen instantly. There will be a slight delay between an email arriving in the inbox of a ticket account and Deskpro checking the account and processing it into a ticket; similarly, outgoing emails are queued up and sent out in batches.

You can filter either log to find particular emails using the Filter button.

Click on an email’s ID number to see full details.

You can apply actions to an email using the gear icon when viewing its details (see the How do I enable logging for incoming email processing? and Enabling logging for outgoing email sections below for details).

You can carry out actions on multiple emails by selecting the checkboxes at the left of the log.


Incoming email log

The incoming email log shows emails that have been received by the email accounts you have configured to receive tickets.

These are the actions you can apply to emails from the incoming log:


  • Reprocess Emails: this will reschedule the selected emails for processing.

    Use this option if email has not been correctly converted into a ticket or ticket message and you want to try again. Note that Deskpro will not create a duplicate ticket if the email has already been processed.

  • Delete emails: use this to remove the selected emails from the system.

    Note that this deletes the raw email source and the processing log from the system, but if the deleted email has already been processed, any resulting ticket or message will not be deleted.

By default Deskpro will only keep the incoming mail records for 60 days

Outgoing email log

The outgoing email log shows pending messages that have not yet been sent, and messages where sending failed.

Messages that have been sent successfully are not displayed on this log.

Note that if a message has been sent successfully but not delivered due to a problem at the recipient’s end, that will not be shown in the outgoing email log. You will probably receive a bounce message on the relevant ticket.

These are the actions you can apply to emails from the outgoing log:


  • Resend Messages: selecting this option reschedules the selected emails for delivery, marking them as pending. The system will attempt to deliver the messages the next time the message queue is processed. This option is useful if you want to resend failed messages once you have corrected a problem.
  • Delete Messages: this deletes the message, and all records of it will be removed from the system.

Enabling detailed logging of outgoing email

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can enable more detailed logging of outgoing email.

These options should only be enabled if necessary for debugging.

To enable logging of communication between Deskpro and your SMTP server, set this option in config.php:

$DP_CONFIG['debug']['mail']['enable_mail_log'] = true;

The log will be written to data/logs/mailer.log within the directory where you installed Deskpro.

To save a copy of all outgoing email, set this option in config.php:

$DP_CONFIG['debug']['mail']['save_to_file'] = true;

A raw copy of every email sent by Deskpro will be saved in data/logs/emails.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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