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Email Accounts and Triggers

Email Accounts

Every email account you create has a simple New Ticket Triggers with two actions. These specify what happens automatically when a new Ticket is created from an email sent to the account.


The Set Department Trigger sets the Department of the newly-created Ticket: so that a Ticket created via your support@ account is assigned to the Support Department, for example. Selecting a Department for this Trigger is compulsory, since Tickets must always have a Department. See Department/Email Links for more details.

The Send User Email Trigger is off by default. It enables you to send an email to the Ticket’s user when it is created. You can select the New Ticket Auto-Response template for a simple acknowledgement email.

You can choose whether to Include CC’s: if selected, this takes any non-Agents who were cc’d in to the original email message, and adds them as CCs to the Ticket. This means they will receive copies of any emails sent by Deskpro about this Ticket, even though they are not the Ticket owner.

The From Name setting sets the name the User will see the email as coming from:

  • Helpdesk Name is the helpdesk name you have set in Setup > Settings
  • Alternatively you can set a custom name that you define.

The From Email controls which email address the response email comes from. You can either choose:

  • The account set on the ticket e.g. if the User emailed to create the Ticket, the reply is sent from help@.
  • specific account - for example, you might prefer to have auto-responses sent from info@ or noreply@.

Customizing Automatic Emails

If you don’t like the wording of an email template, you can edit it. You can also create completely new templates - for example, if you wanted a different auto-reply format for each Department.

See the section Email templates for more details.

The rules for many automatic Ticket processes are controlled by Triggers which you can edit - for example, most email notifications to Agents and Users are created by Triggers. See the section on Automating the Helpdesk for details.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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