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Dealing with spam

Email Accounts

If spam messages are being sent to your ticket email accounts, you may find that they are getting converted to tickets.

It’s important to realise that Deskpro does not have any built-in spam filtering. Your agents can mark tickets as spam manually, but Deskpro does not attempt to identify spam automatically.

If spam is an issue, you should filter it at the mail server level, before a ticket is created.

Consult the documentation for the server or mail service that is forwarding email to your ticket accounts to find out how to enable spam filtering.

You could choose not to forward suspected spam messages to your helpdesk at all. In this case, you should periodically check the filtered messages in case some real user emails were wrongly filtered.

Alternatively, some spam filters allow you to change the subject line of suspected spam messages to add something like “[SPAM]” on the front - you could then create a trigger to automatically set the Deskpro status of these to “spam”. This way, your agents can check the Spam filter within Deskpro for legitimate tickets, and quickly unspam them.

Incoming email abuse prevention

If you are getting a lot of emails from the same address in a short period of time (either from a spam bot, a rogue automatic process or an abusive user), Deskpro will first send a warning email, then start rejecting the messages.

Rejected messages will not be converted into tickets or replies, but they are still saved in the log.

You can change the threshold for rejection in Admin > Setup > Email Rate Limiting.


Note that emails from agents are exempt from this limit.


Many email servers check DKIM/SPF headers for all incoming emails. You can configure Deskpro to reject email messages that have failing DKIM/SPF headers. This can be enabled from Admin > Emails > Email Accounts > Advanced Settings.


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First published: 23/03/2017

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