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Chat Permissions


User chat permissions

Whether a user can initiate chats depends on their user permissions. There is a simple on/off chat permission configured in CRM > Usergroups.

A user must belong to at least one usergroup that grants this permission to be able to use chat.



To restrict chat to logged-in users, remove the permission to use chat from the Everyone usergroup.

There are also chat department permissions. You can grant or deny access to each chat department by usergroup.


This affects which departments the user can select when they start a chat.

In addition, when you embed the chat widget, you can specify in the Javascript code which departments that widget can access. In this situation, the departments shown will be those that both the user and the widget are allowed to access.


If only one chat department is available, the chat widget will not display the Department field.

If there are no departments that both the user and the widget are allowed to access, the user will not be able to chat from that widget.

Agent chat permissions

What agents are allowed to do in chat is determined by their Agent Permissions and Permission Groups settings.

In addition, there are chat department permissions for agents. Agents can only see incoming chats in chat departments to which they have permission.

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First published: 20/07/2020

Last updated: Jul 20, 2020 by Matthew Wray