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Satisfaction Survey


To help measure Agent performance, you can enable a Satisfaction Survey.

This will enable users to submit a rating (Positive, Neutral or Negative) and an optional comment on each Agent Reply that they receive.

Go to Admin > Tickets > Satisfaction to enable the Survey and edit settings.


When the Survey is enabled, users will be prompted to respond to the Survey:

  1. When they receive a notification email about an Agent reply:


    If the user clicks any rating, they will then be taken to the Portal to submit an optional comment.


  2. When they view an Agent reply on your Portal:


You can also choose whether Agents can see Satisfaction ratings and comments on their own Tickets:



The Satisfaction Survey will not work if the Portal is disabled. If you want to use the Survey, you must enable the Portal. If you don’t want to use the Portal, disable all the sections in the Portal Editor except the Knowledgebase, and add an article explaining that all your support is by email. That way, even if a User finds the Portal, they can’t use any of the Portal functions.

Survey Request Email

You can increase the response rate to the Satisfaction Survey by sending out a reminder email after the Ticket has been resolved, asking the user to complete the Survey. The email has links to rate the most recent Agent message on the Ticket.


You can set how long Deskpro will wait after the Ticket has been resolved before sending the follow-up email.


When you enable the Survey request email, it will only be sent out for Tickets that were created after it was enabled.

The follow-up email is sent by an Escalations, which you can see and edit in Tickets > Escalations.

Click the edit template link to customize the Satisfaction email. See the chapter on Editing Templatesfor details of how to do this.


The email is only sent out if an Agent has replied to the Ticket at some point. If a Ticket with only User messages on it is marked resolved, no Survey request will be sent (because there is nothing for the User to rate).

Satisfaction and Automation

You can use the Satisfaction rating in the criteria for Triggers, SLAS, Escalations and other automation. This way, you can have a Trigger/SLA/Escalation that only applies to Tickets with a certain rating.

You can also choose to execute actions based on incoming feedback ratings.


These Satisfaction triggers are also displayed in Tickets > Triggers > Ticket Update.


You can edit these from either screen, but make sure you have enabled the Satisfaction Survey before you edit them from Ticket Update.

Viewing satisfaction data

You can access satisfaction data through the Reports interface:


The Feed view shows you details of recent ratings, while the Summary view shows you the total of each Sgent’s Positive, Neutral and Negative ratings for the current month.

You can also retrieve satisfaction data through the Reports interface by building a custom Report. See the Reports Manual for details.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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