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IP Whitelisting


IP Whitelisting is a security measure that makes it harder for an unauthorized User to log into an Agent account, even if they know the account password.

When enabled, Agents are only allowed to log in from trusted IP addresses. When an Agent attempts to log in from an untrusted address, they will see a message like this:


An email is then sent asking the agent to verify that the IP address is one that’s in use by your organization by clicking a link:


You can enable IP whitelisting from Agents > Settings.


Make sure that you can receive email from the helpdesk before you enable IP whitelisting; otherwise you will be not be able to verify your IP, and will be locked out.

If you are locked out of a DeskPRO On-Premise helpdesk, you can use the command line to Bypass IP whitelisting and get back in.

If you get locked out of a Cloud helpdesk, email us at


You can choose whether IP whitelisting applies to both Agents and Admins, or just to Admins.

You can also select how long the helpdesk will remember a trusted IP address before the Agent has to validate it again; this can be from one day to two years.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 26, 2017 by Paul Davies