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Deleting an Agent


You can delete any Agent using the Delete button displayed at the lower right when viewing the Agent’s details.

When you delete an Agent, you can choose to either convert their account to a User account, or mark the account deleted.

  • Convert to user
    • Turns the Agent into a user.
    • Immediately unassigns all Tickets currently assigned to the Agent.
    • You can turn the user back into an Agent later, but some settings (such as permissions) will be lost.
    • The person will still be able to use the account to interact with the helpdesk e.g. submit Tickets as a User, log in to the Portal.
    • Reports data about the Agent will be lost.
  • Mark as deleted
    • Stops the person being able to log in to either the Portal or Agent interfaces.
    • Tickets assigned to the Agent will remain assigned until they become awaiting agent, then become unassigned.
    • You can fully restore the Agent later.
    • Use this option if you want to keep Reports for the Agent based on their Assigned Tickets.

Deleting an Agent does not automatically reduce the number of Agents you are billed for. If you want to reduce your Agent licenses, please see this article.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Aug 14, 2019 by Grace Howlett