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Creating Agents


You can see a list of Agents/Admins in the system at the top right of the Admin Home page.

You can quick-add an Agent using the Invite Agent form on the Admin Home page - note that this gives the Agent All Permissions (in other words they will be able to use all Agent interface functions).


For more detailed administration of Agents, go to the Agents section of the Admin interface.


Adding a new Agent from this section using the ** + Add** button gives you more control of the new Agent's account properties and Agent Permissions.

When you create a new Agent account for someone, they receive an email notification with their login details and the PDF format Agent Quick Start Guide (a brief overview of how the Agent interface works) attached.

Agent properties

You can define the following properties for each Agent from the Agents section:

Agents can set their own name/override name, email and phone number themselves from the Preferences section in the Agent interface.


In other tabs, you can set:

  • Permissions (individual Agent Permissions for the Agent) and their Permission Groups.
  • Departments (set which Departments the Agent can use; see the section on Department Permissions).
  • Ticket Notifications - control which email/browser notifications the Agent receives about tickets; by default, Agents can edit their notifications settings from the Preferences; you can remove their permission to do this if you prefer to control Agent notifications yourself.
  • Other Notifications - control which email/browser notifications the Agent receives about other helpdesk events like Chat and tasks; Agents can always edit their own settings for these notifications.

Copying agent settings

Once you’ve configured one Agent’s details, you may want to quickly give another Agent the same settings.

When creating an Agent or viewing their profile, you can copy the settings from another Agent using the gear icon at the top right.


You can select some or all the settings to copy.


Bulk adding agents

You can create multiple Agents at a time using the Bulk Add Agents button. You can either supply a list of email addresses to invite, or a CSV spreadsheet of Agent data.


Supplying Agent data in CSV format enables you to specify the following information for each Agent account you create:

  • Email (required)
  • Name (required)
  • Permission Groups (required, specify by ID number, where 1 means All Permissions and 2 means All Non Destructive Permissions)
  • Teams (specified by ID number)
  • Admin access (Yes or No)
  • Reports access (Yes or No)
  • Notifications (Yes to enable default notifications, No to enable none)
  • Signature (HTML format)

Agent licensing

Your Deskpro license entitles you to a certain number of Agent accounts at any one time.

If you attempt to create more Agents than your license allows, you will be prompted to upgrade your license.


Either upgrade your license, or delete an Agent account that is no longer in use.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you have to buy Agent licenses in batches of 10.

Note that the license limits the number of current Agent accounts that you have, and not the total number that you have created. In other words, deleting an Agent and then adding another does not “use up” an Agent license.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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