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Problems & incidents

Agent Interface Options

The problems & incidents feature makes it easier for agents to work efficiently when they are getting multiple tickets from a single underlying cause.

A problem is something that goes wrong and affects several users - for example, an email server outage.

An incident is an individual ticket that results from a problem - for example, a customer complaining that they can’t access their email.

The usage of “problem” and “incident” in Deskpro follows the terminology of theITIL service management framework.

The problems & incidents feature is disabled by default. Go to Tickets > Problems & Incidents to enable it.

See the Problems & incidents guide for details of how the feature works.

You can set permissions related to problems for each agent or agent permission group from that page, or in the usual agent permissions settings areas.

An agent without the view permission will not see any of the UI relating to problems and incidents within the agent interface.

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First published: 24/03/2017

Last updated: Sep 16, 2019 by Grace Howlett