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Custom filters

Agent Interface Options

Ticket filters enable agents to view a list of all the tickets which meet a set of conditions. Agents can create their own filters from the agent interface; these are visible only to the agent who made them.

You can define custom filters for your helpdesk to be shown to all agents, to supplement the built-in filters like My Tickets. Filters make it easy for agents to track specific groups of tickets without repeated searching.

Create filters from Tickets > Filters.


Each filter has its own set of criteria and will only show tickets that match them all. Filters are shown in the agent interface filter pane. Filters you create from the admin interface can be visible to a specific agent, to a specific team, or to everyone.

Custom filter notifications

A very useful property of custom filters is that an agent can set up notifications just for tickets that match a filter.

For example, suppose an agent wants to be notified about new tickets in one department, but still needs access to all your other departments.

They should create a custom filter that matches tickets in that department, then enable notifications for that filter.

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First published: 24/03/2017

Last updated: Mar 24, 2017 by Colin Dunn