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Users must sign up an account before submitting feedback - Community / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


Users must sign up an account before submitting feedback Finished

As I recently checked this problem, our users have to open an account before they can submit a feedback. I checked every matters that could be related to this issue, but unfortunately there is no way to solve this problem. You can this problem by creating new account and create a ticket. User can't rate your ticket without registering an account. Please check this problem as soon as possible and inform us.

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Earle Steel
Hello Sassan,

Thank you for your submission.
The reason for this feature is so that once a user has submitted feedback and the agent responds, the user is notified of the response due to the fact that they have had to add their contact information when registering. Which creates a communication thread that can be monitored. It also allows the agents to create tickets based on the users submission(s) in order to solve the issue that the user is experiencing.

Please contact our Support Team if you have any further queries