Percentage of tasks completed within their due date by agent Report

We can run the report below to find the percentage of tasks that we are completing before thir due date:

SELECT DPQL_ALIAS(DPQL_PERCENT(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(tasks.date_completed) < UNIX_TIMESTAMP(tasks.date_due)), 'Percentage of tasks completed in time')
FROM tasks
WHERE tasks.is_completed = 1
GROUP BY tasks.person.name

Here we use the UNIX_TIMESTAMP* which allows us to apply a numerical value to a date-time.

The number simply counts up so the further into the future the higher the number.

In this instance we're simply finding whether tasks.date_completed is less than tasks.date_due. 

We're then fomatting this using DPQL_PERCENT.

* You can read more about UNIX Timestamp below:


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