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Open this product to SMB/Start-Ups - Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Open this product to SMB/Start-Ups Declined

You&#039;re selling a really great product that might make its way into more companies if the licensing options are both less restrictive and more economic for Start-Ups and SMB. I know about some companies who started with the Atlassian-Model and grow up with great software.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Some reasons: <br /><br /> 1. A minimum of 10 agent licenses is not realistic. An average IT company having 10 support agents would have at least 200 employees at all. <br /><br /> 2. Companies having 100+ support agents are that big that it doesn&#039;t really matter if they get 5+ licenses for free. This pricing model sounds ugly for me.<br /><br /> 3. The cloud service might not be an option for many Start-Ups and SMB thanks to GHCQ and NSA. Might be worth to think about it.

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Christopher Padfield
Thanks for your comments. DeskPRO's self-install pricing minimum is $1,800 per year and with that you get 10 agents. Instead of thinking of this on the basis of a price per agent, it should be thought of as the price for all the features of the software. It's worth noting that this is a similar price to only 3 agents on cloud.

Most companies that have even a few employees providing support will have budget for this level of expense. If not, or DeskPRO does not provide enough value to your organization; there are free/open source solutions you could look at until your needs change.