I had been finding information really quickly on the previous user experience and easy to assess if the information was what I was looking for. Now the UI objects and text are oversize clunky and difficult to use. The graphics add very little value and take up tons of space. Please go back or rejig the new UI to the quality that made us choose it as our support portal. Thank you and please give me a shout if you would like to review.
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Christopher Padfield
Hi Marion, sorry to hear the feedback here. Can you give us any more specific examples of the problem here? The new helpcentre style is still being worked on - but this will be the basis of the style moving forward so keen to understand specifically where you are having problems or could see it being improved.
Marion Abramo
I shared some screenshots of the big size of the DeskPro support UI vs. the size of all my other work. The text, icon's everything is huge. This required more scrolling to find what I'm looking for. This impacts quickly assessing a list for the item that will solve my issue. I would be happy to screen share with someone on your team.

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