Make the chat/ticket widget editable e.g allow Google Tag Manager to be installed Under Review

An example use case is when you are using Google Tag Manager for goal tracking purposes and currently have this installed on the user portal so you want it to be installed on the widget too. Not possible at the moment as the widget is not editable.

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Ruth Cheesley
Another use case for this is that we often know the user who is clicking to initiate a chat, because they are logged into the website.

With other chat systems (nudgespot, intercom etc) we could securely pass variables such as email address to link that up with the record in the portal - so we know who they are (which also allows proactive messaging if you go to the customer record and they are 'online' (e.g. have an active session on the website) - separate feedback about that!)

FWIW we deploy the chat widget across our instances with GTM and it would be great to be able to add some parameters/tracking to push into analytics for example, when someone clicks to initiate, completes a chat, etc.

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