It is possible to remove a follow when mandatory fields are still unset and it confuses the interface Under Review

When a issue must have some mandatory fields set, it is still possible to remove a follower from the ticket (when it should not be possible to affect either the agent or followers)<br /> <br /> As a consequence, the follower does disappear from the interface (but as it should not have). The counts on the left for the tickets you own or follow does not change, as in effect it was removed from the interface but not the backend. <br /> <br /> If you then set all the fields, then 'save', the follower is still missing but the counts still do not change.<br /> <br /> It takes a refresh of the interface for the follower to 're-appear'. It is then possible to remove it correctly.<br /> <br /> QED: the interface should not let your remove the follower when the mandatory fields are unset.
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