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Image upload issues when creating articles/news - Community / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


Image upload issues when creating articles/news Finished

Just a few issues I notice when uploading an image while creating an article.<br /> <br /> 1. Using IE 9 (9.0.8112) there is only a browse button. Once you browse to an image it does not upoload it. In fact the link just sits in the field box. I uploaded a picture for you to see.<br /> <br /> 2. Draging images using IE 9 works only if you use a .png and does not work for a. jpg.<br /> <br /> 3. Using Chrome to upload a picture shows us a "choose file" button but when you browse to the image it just lists the name of the image and does not actually upload it. I uploaded a screen shot fo this also.<br /> <br /> 4. Dragging a file using Chrome works great no matter what file type it is.<br /> <br /> I hope this all made sense. Good Luck

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Mike Offenbecher
Wierd that the above inforamtion ignored spacing and or breaks.