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Download ticket as PDF without agent notes - Feature Request - Deskpro Support

It is currently possible to download an entire ticket as PDF. I find this very useful in some situations, such as when a ticket has to be archived, forwarded or shared with a third party.

However, the downloaded PDF always contains all agent notes AND these agent notes are indistinguishable from agent replies. This highly limits the use the 'Download PDF' option for tickets that have notes that are meant for internal use.

I would like to see two things:
1. An option to 'Download PDF without Agent Notes'.
2. A clear distinction between agent notes and agent replies in the downloaded PDF (either by color, such as in the interface, or by adding the text 'NOTE' somewhere).

I believe that this feedback may be related to, which I had interpreted as a similar request. However, that feedback was recently closed.

Comments (2)

Jeroen van der Steen
The distinction between agent notes and agent replies has been improved in a recent update, so this remark is no longer valid.

Since ticket properties are also included in the PDF downloads now, the first part of my suggestion would now be:
1. An option to 'Download PDF without Agent Notes and Ticket Properties'.
Daniela Hasler
I would appreciate to get the option that by printing a support ticket we can choose the pages we want to print (for ex. only our exchanges with the customer but not our internal notes there)

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