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Can the deskpro website change the PHP version - Community / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


Can the deskpro website change the PHP version Finished

everytime i run an upgrade the php version changes to the version of php without wincache installed

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Christopher Padfield
It is not possible for the DeskPRO upgrade process to be changing the PHP version being used. What are the symptoms you are using as evidence for this to happen?
Christopher Callaham
When I run the upgrade it doesn't ask for APC because I'm using wincache after the upgrade it asks because it's using a 5.3 no cache php version i have not the the 5.3 wincache version it was before theupgrade
Christopher Callaham
Unless it's restarting the website or something, if it is then IIS maybe switching to my default PHP instead of the wincache one
Christopher Padfield
Ok; this has nothing to do with switching PHP version; it's just that the admin interface is falsely suggesting you should install APC when you already have WinCache installed - we've improved the check so it's checking for either APC or WinCache so you won't see the message any more. Fixed in next build.