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Ability to copy and paste in knowledgebase editor - Feature Request - Deskpro Support

We love the copy and paste in ticket replies, is it possible to also allow it when creating articles?



We plan on rebuilding the editor to allow you to copy and paste straight into any portal content you are creating.

Comments (4)

I’d absolutely love this feature, as it would allow me to fully migrate my team over to DeskPro.
Has there been any progress on this?
Didier Testelin
Could you plan this feature ?
Benedict Sycamore
We're happy to say we've recently updated our knowledgebase editor.

It's now easier than ever to copy and paste images, and format them once they're in the editor.

The update also makes general knowledgebase housekeeping a lot easier and smoother.

If you'd like to find more information, you can do so here, in this news post:

Thanks for using Deskpro.