Ability to automatically cc a user's manager into automatic emails sent out from the helpdesk Under Review

We would like the user’s manager to be copied onto particular automatic emails sent from our helpdesk. Our user info is being imported from Active Directory.

There would be two parts to this feature request:

1) When syncing from LDAP, we suggest the ability to sync and store the organizational information within each users’ CRM profile, and automatically build the organizational “Tree” and map the organization managers data so that these users are added as organization managers in Deskpro. 

Deskpro is already syncing LDAP information, so it should be as simple as taking the manager DN on each sync and matching it up to the DN listed in the usersources. This information is already known by Deskpro, it would just need to have the logic built in to utilize that manager/organization information.

The goal here would be to consistently replicate the organizational tree from the data in Active Directory to Deskpro’s already built in organizational / manager field.

2) The second portion of the request is then being able to call that data, specifically within Deskpro’s escalation feature (and any other features that this would be applicable to) to then copy the user’s manager automatically. 

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