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Ticket Properties

Elements of a Ticket

When you open an individual ticket in the content pane, you can see the information Deskpro stores about it.


The fields you see will vary:

Clicking on any ticket property will allow you to edit the entry, including custom ticket fields.

IDs and ref codes

Every ticket has a unique ID number. These are assigned in the order tickets are created.


You may notice that other items in Deskpro have their own ID numbers. For example, users and knowledgebase articles have IDs. ID numbers for different items are separate - for example, you can have a ticket with ID 17 and a user with ID 17.

Your admins may have set your helpdesk so that users see a unique ref code instead of the ID. The ref code is usually a string of numbers and letters (e.g. WHPL-4979-OBBV). Your admins may have customized the format. Click on a ticket’s ID to toggle to displaying the ref code instead.

The ref code format can be customized to include information about the date and time that the ticket was created, e.g. 2014-07-WHPL-4979.

Another advantage of ref codes is that they make it harder for your users and competitors to work out how many (or how few) tickets you have.


Put your mouse cursor over an ID or ref code and a yellow clipboard icon appears. Click the icon. The ID or ref is now copied to your clipboard, for easy pasting.


You can find a particular ticket quickly by putting its ID or ref code into the search bar. Emails Deskpro sends regarding tickets will include either an ID or ref code for the relevant ticket. You can access the ref code of a ticket by clicking on the ID number of the ticket, which then reveals the ref code.


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First published: 22/03/2017

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