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Time log and billing

Additional Ticket Features

Your helpdesk may enable you to bill users amounts of money based on the support you provide, or record how long it takes to resolve a ticket, or both.

Depending on which of these features is enabled, you will see a Billing, Time Log or Billing & Time Log tab when you have a ticket open in the content pane.


You can view previous charges for an organization from its profile in CRM, as well as from the Billing section of the reports interface if you have access to it.



To use billing:

  1. Make sure the Amount button is selected.
  2. Enter the charge in the specified currency.
  3. Enter a comment in the Comment field (optional).

The billing currency is set by your admins.

Time log

To use the time log:

  1. Make sure the Time button is selected.
  2. Click the Start button at right.
  3. The timer starts counting. This can be used to time how long it takes you to do work related to the ticket e.g. a chargeable support call. Click Pause to stop the timer (if you stop doing chargeable work), and Start to restart it.
  4. When you are ready to bill for the amount of elapsed time, enter a comment (optional) and click Add Charge.

Your helpdesk may have been configured so that the timer starts automatically when you open a ticket. You still need to click Add Charge to record the elapsed time.

If you have the correct permission, you may be able to directly enter an amount of time, instead of running the timer.

Editing time logs and charges

If you have the correct permission, you may be able to edit previous logs and charges.


If you have editing permission:

  • you can edit former logs/charges.
  • you can manually enter amounts of time, instead of running the timer.
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First published: 22/03/2017

Last updated: 31 Oct 2017 by Paul Davies