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You may find that you need to apply the same action to a number of tickets at once.

Instead of clicking through each ticket one by one, you can carry out mass actions.

To apply mass actions, select tickets from the list pane using the checkboxes at left.


The total number of tickets you have selected is displayed at the upper left of the list pane. You can click the checkbox at the upper left to select all the tickets on the page.

When you select a ticket, the Apply actions to selections window appears.


You can:

  • set all tickets to a certain status
  • assign them to an agent or team
  • change their department
  • set a built-in field
  • set them to a certain language
  • write a mass reply which is sent to the users of all the tickets


If you have set a signature it will be prefilled in the Mass Reply box, but DeskPRO will not send a message unless you enter some other text.

More actions, including setting custom fields and adding labels, are available from Add action under Other Properties.

The full list of actions is:

  • Set agent
  • Add agent followers
  • CC users
  • Set agent team
  • Set status
  • Delete ticket
  • Set department
  • Set language
  • Set product
  • Add/remove labels
  • Add organization managers to the ticket
  • Set flag
  • Increase/decrease urgency (by an amount you specify)
  • Set urgency (you can choose Only set when urgency is lower; e.g. if you selected this option and applied ‘set urgency 7’ to a ticket with urgency 8, the urgency would remain 8)
  • Set subject
  • Set custom ticket or user fields
  • Close the ticket tab

You must have the correct agent permissions to apply the actions. There is a separate permission to send mass replies, even if you would have permission to reply to the tickets individually.

If you are writing a mass reply, you can customize the message to each user using Snippets.

You can even apply a macro as a mass action, allowing you to perform multiple actions on multiple tickets.


You can only select up to 50 tickets at a time using the mass action system. If you need to act on more tickets at once, you should use the Deskpro API.

CSV export

You can also carry out mass actions using the table view, which is accessible from the upper right of the list pane.


The table view offers an export to CSV button at the bottom of the ticket view pane. Click this to download details of all the tickets in the table as a file in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. CSV is compatible with most spreadsheet programs (such as Excel) and databases.



The CSV export always includes all columns for all the tickets in the table; the table view options or checkboxes you have selected do not affect it.

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First published: 22/03/2017

Last updated: 20 Aug 2019 by Emily Booth