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Follow ups will perform an action on a ticket after a specific amount of time but they are also ticket specific, as they are created from within the ticket (unlike Escalations). Please be aware that this is currently a Beta feature, and so it can be disabled in the Admin Dashboard if needed.

Adding a Follow Up

You can only access Follow Ups in the Agent Interface while viewing a ticket:


To make a Follow Up click 'New Follow Up' and you will be presented by the Follow Up Actions which are

  • Assign agent - Reassign the ticket to a specific agent
  • Assign team - Assign the ticket to a specific Agent team
  • Add reply - Add a reply to the ticket and send this the participants of the ticket on a specific date
  • Add note - Add an internal note to a ticket as a reminder
  • Hold - Place the ticket into 'Pending' Status
  • Status - Update the ticket status
  • Run another Macro - Runs a macro on the selected ticket

Once the action is chosen and set up correctly then you can choose when this will take place. There are a number of default times that can be quickly selected, alternatively you can manually enter an amount of time that should pass or a specific date and time


This way you have full control over when your Follow Up will take place, no matter your preference.

There is an additional 'Criteria' option, which will cancel the Follow Up if the user replies as this may make the Follow Up unnecessary.

Once the correct time has been selected you can apply your choice of actions using either just one simple action or a combination, bearing mind that one Macro can apply many changes to a ticket, most of which are not options within the Follow Up.

Adding Multiple Actions

In order to get the desired effect you can either apply multiple Follow Up actions to a ticket as part of one Follow Up, and have all actions take place at the same time, or you can create separate Follow Ups with different delays set and have the actions staggered over time.

For example, if you have a ticket where you would like to remind another agent to get in touch with a customer after a certain number of days, this can quickly be applied to the ticket by setting these actions within the same Follow Up:

  • Add a note to provide some context for the Agent
  • Set Agent to your colleague to handle the request
  • Set Status to ensure the agent can view the ticket

You could then set another Follow Up with a different date to so that the original owner of the ticket can view the progress made, which is easily done with

  • Set Agent

When saved the Follow Ups tab will show you a summary of the actions you have set, including a countdown and the name of the Agent who created them:


Using Macros

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First published: 31/01/2019

Last updated: 20 Aug 2019 by Emily Booth