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The result of your selection in the filter pane is displayed in the list pane.

For example, if you click on a ticket filter, you will see the list of tickets that match the criteria of the filter in the list pane. You can think of it as being like a list of search results.


In some apps, you can change the ordering of items in the list with controls at the top of the list pane.


If you have more than 50 items in the list pane, the list will be paginated. Use the arrow controls at the bottom to move between the pages of results in the list pane.


Viewing properties

In the Tickets, CRM and Feedback apps, properties are shown for each item using gray text labels.


You can customize the properties which are displayed using the cog control at the top right of the list pane. Use this to display the properties that are most relevant to you. These changes will only apply for your agent account, and won't affect the display for any other agents in your helpdesk.


The display options you display can be different for each filter. For example, you could have the 'Agent' information appear in the properties for tickets in the All Tickets filter list, but not have that display for tickets in the My Tickets filter list (where the Agent would always be listed as you).

Simply click on the filter you want to edit the display options for and click on the cog icon. The filter you are editing will display at the top of the pop up window.


Opening items

You can open items from the list pane into the content pane to view them in more detail. You can have multiple items open at a time.

You open an item by clicking on it - it turns blue to show that it is open, and is displayed in a new tab in the content pane, in front of the tabs for any other items you have open.


Clicking an item that’s already open and is currently selected in the content pane closes it.

If you click an item that’s already open but is not the active tab selected in the content pane, i will become the active tab.

In 2-column view, clicking an item from the list view opens it in the combined pane. You can go back to the list by clicking the following icon:


Multiple selections and mass actions

In the Tickets, Tasks and Publish apps, you can select multiple items from the list pane using the checkboxes at the left. This enables you to perform mass actions on up to 50 items at once. For example, if you need to delete a lot of items at the same time, you don’t have to open them one by one in the content pane.


Viewing a list as a table

In the Tickets and CRM apps, you can view the items in the list pane as a table by clicking on this button:


This is useful to get an overview of a long list of items.


When you’re in table view, you can export the items from the list to CSV format (accepted by spreadsheet programs) by clicking the 'Export to CSV' icon at the bottom left of the list pane.


Note that the CSV exported will contain many fields about the tickets/users, not just the ones displayed in the table view.

Resizing the list pane

You can change the relative size of the list and content pane. Simply mouse over the top of the divider between them, click, and drag to resize.


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