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Introduction and Overview

The Agent Interface

Here is an overview of the agent interface.


The app bar is where you select which Deskpro app you want to use.

The Filter pane lets you select groups of items to be displayed in the list pane, such as tickets, users etc. The app you’re using determines what sort of items you’ll see in these panes.

The Content pane is where you can view and work with individual items. The tabbed interface lets you have multiple items from different apps open at the same time.

The Header offers quick access to important functions: the search bar, your account preferences, logging into user chat, chatting with other Agents via the Agent IM. It’s also where you can switch to the 2-column view that combines the filter and content panes.


App bar

The app bar is where you select which Deskpro application you want to use. Each app lets you work on a different type of helpdesk content.

The apps are: Tickets

  • Tickets - the main application you will be using as an Agent to communicate with users about their Tickets.
  • Introduction to chat - this is where you communicate with Users who have requested real-time text Chat through your Portal or website, and view logs of previous chats.
  • CRM Introduction - used to view a unified record of each User and their history with the helpdesk, such as all previous tickets.
  • Community Introduction - view and manage crowdsourced feedback; Users submit suggestions about your products/services via the web Portal, and others can vote so you can identify the most popular ideas.
  • Introduction to Content Publishing - create and manage the help content on your web Portal; this can include News posts, Downloads, Guides and Knowledgebase Articles
  • Creating a task - keep track of any Tasks that you or your fellow Agents need to carry out.
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First published: 22/03/2017

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