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In each app, the filter pane on the left is used to filter the items that you’re dealing with: tickets in the tickets app, people and organization records in the CRM app, and so on.

Selecting a filter lets you select a group of items to work with in the list pane.


Each filter shows only the items which match certain criteria - the number to the right of the filter shows how many match.

The My Tickets filter shows you tickets that are assigned to you in Awaiting Agent status. You are responsible for replying to the users who created these tickets, or otherwise helping to resolve the problem.

In most apps, you can also view items by labels: text tags entered by agents to help group similar items.


For more information about using filters in particular apps, see:

Collapsing the filter pane

Click the < icon at the top right to collapse the filter pane.


This is useful if you are working on a smaller screen and want to free up screen space, or if you prefer to focus on other parts of the interface and don’t want to see the filters.

Mouse over the collapsed filter pane to temporarily expand it and select a different filter. It will collapse again when you move the mouse away, unless you click the lock icon in the top right of the pane.


Clicking the lock keeps the filter pane expanded.

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First published: 22/03/2017

Last updated: 21 Aug 2019 by Grace Howlett