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2-column view

The Agent Interface

The default 3-column view shows both the filters pane, the list pane and the content pane.

There is an alternative 2-column view where the list and content panes are merged into a single combined pane which displays either an individual item or the list of items matching the current filter.

This view is useful in several situations:

  • You want to concentrate on the details of an individual item, without being distracted by what’s going on in the list pane.
  • You have a relatively narrow display and the default view makes columns too cramped.
  • Your helpdesk has an app installed that adds an extra pane on the right of the interface (e.g. JIRA integration).

Use the control at the top right of the toolbar to switch to 2-column view. (It is also possible to collapse the filter pane to create a 1-column view).


This is an individual item shown in 2-column view:


To view the list of items, click the hamburger icon at the top left of the combined pane.


The view will switch to display the list pane.


Clicking an item from this list opens it in a new tab and focuses it (or just focuses it, if it’s already open).

If you want to open items as separate tabs without focusing them, hold down Shift and click on them. (This is not currently supported for all types of content.)

The control to the right of the icon displays the items in the list as a pull-down - you can use this even when you have an individual item displayed in the combined pane.


To open an individual item from the list (replacing the current focused item), click its title.

To open an individual item from the list in a new tab, click the image5 icon (or hold down Shift and click on it).

Items that are already open are shown in gray on the list. Clicking them focuses their tab.


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First published: 22/03/2017

Last updated: 22 Aug 2019 by Grace Howlett