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Linking tasks to tickets


You can create one or more tasks linked to a ticket, making the context for the task more obvious.

Click on the Tasks tab of a ticket that is open in the content pane, and enter a task from there.



If you want to link a task to a ticket, you must create it from the ticket’s Tasks tab. After a task has been created, there’s no way to link it to a ticket.

Adding multiple tasks to a ticket is useful if you need to carry out several steps before a ticket can be resolved.


A task that’s linked to a ticket is still shown in the Tasks app.You can assign a task that’s linked to a ticket to another agent, while leaving the ticket assigned to yourself.

Reusable task list

Some helpdesk have certain tickets which always need the same set of tasks to be carried out before they are resolved. In this situation where you have recurring lists of tasks, it’s useful to have a reusable ‘checklist’ or ‘template’ of to-do items.

Your admins can set this up in Deskpro using custom fields. See the Knowledgebase article How do I make a reusable checklist of things to do within a ticket? for details.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 31 Oct 2017 by Paul Davies