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Managing portal content


Portal content items (articles, news posts or downloads) can have the following statuses:

  • Published - item is visible to users on the web portal
  • Unpublished - item not visible to users
  • Draft - item not visible to users, appears in the Pending section of the agent interface
  • Archived - status only available once an article has been published; removes item from visibility on web portal, but it is still accessible if you go directly to the URL

You can see an overview of your portal content using the filter pane.


Content is organised into Categories. In this example, you can see that posts in the News section are divided into categories called New products, Sales and General.

You can click on a category to see the corresponding items in the list pane.

At the top of the filter pane is the Pending section which shows:

  • pending articles that need to be written
  • any content (articles, news posts, downloads) saved with Draft status

You can expand and collapse the different sections to show only the items that are relevant to you.

Click the icon to collapse a section.

Click the icon to expand a collapsed section again.

Viewing revisions of portal content

Click the Revisions tab to see a list of previous versions of an item.

To see a comparison of exactly what changed between two versions:

  1. Select the two versions to compare with the checkboxes on the right.


  1. Click Compare Selected.

  2. The Comparing Revisions pop-up window opens, showing the differences.


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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 31 Oct 2017 by Paul Davies