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The glossary is used to provide definitions of terms you use in Knowledgebase articles.

If you have a glossary entry for a term, then it is shown underlined on the web portal the first time it appears in an article. Users can mouse over to see the full definition.


This is useful to explain acronyms or technical terms which might confuse users.

The glossary is displayed at the bottom of the filter pane.


To create a new definition:

  1. Click Add new glossary word.

  2. Enter the term you wish to define in the top field, then press Tab.


  1. Enter the definition and click Add.

A term can consist of more than one word. If you want several variations of a term to share the same definition, you can enter multiple versions


Click an existing term to edit it.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 27 Jul 2020 by Grace Howlett