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Article and News Templates


With Article and News Templates, you can ensure that your documentation uses the same format, and your agents can create templates for different purposes and use them again and again.

Creating Your Templates

Creating a new template is an option that can be found when adding a new Article or News Post. Along the toolbar, press the '+' symbol and select either an Article or New Post.


You can see that in the example of creating a new Article, you have the option to 'Save as a New Template', which will allow you to re-use your creation as many times as needed.


Simply submit a title for your template, so that agents can see at a glance what this template should be used for, and click 'Save'. Your template will then be available for use.


Using Your Templates

Opening the '+' button in the toolbar, your agents will be able to create Articles or News Posts using templates that have been created, and also manage the templates that are available for use.


Creating Articles or News posts from a Template

Select the 'Templates' menu option and continue to choose the appropriate template.


Once selected, you can simply update the content as you would with any other Article or News Post.

Managing Existing Templates

While managing your saved Article and News templates, you are able to easily rename, delete and edit the templates themselves.


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First published: 11/11/2019

Last updated: 4 Mar 2020 by Grace Howlett