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Browsing CRM records


You can use the filter pane on the left of the CRM app to filter users, agents and organizations.

Filtering users

The People section at the top of the filter pane lets you filter by usergroup. The result of your selection is shown in the list pane.


The number of users in each usergroup is displayed on the right of the filter pane.

You can also filter users with labels.


Click on a label to open the users matching that label in the list pane.

The Cloud view shows labels with more tickets, in a bigger text bubble. You can also select a List view by clicking on the List tab.

Filtering agents

You can view records for your agents at the bottom of the filter pane.


Click on a Ticket assignment to see its agents in the list pane.

Filtering people by name

You can find people based on part of their name using the search bar.

Type some characters into the search bar and you will see a list of all matching names, along with other matching items. On most helpdesks, you will only need to enter 3 characters to see results.



If there are more than three matching names, you will need to click Show more results to see all the possible matches.

Ordering people

When you’re viewing a list of people (agents or users) in the list pane, you can change how they’re ordered with the Ordered by pull-down.


You can choose to order them by:

  • Name (first name, alphabetically)
  • Date created (oldest account at top)
  • Last login time (most recent at top)
  • Organization (users with no organization at the top, then alphabetically)
  • Number of tickets (users with most tickets at the top)

Viewing a table of people

You can view the contents of a list of people as a table using the caption0 icon at the upper right of the list pane.


You can choose how the list is ordered and which fields to display using the controls at the top left.


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First published: 23/03/2017

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