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Browsing Community Topics


You can see an overview of Community items in the filter pane.


The Pending section shows Community Topics and comments that need gent approval before becoming visible on the web portal.

Your Admins can set which Community content needs approval, based on the type of content as well as the Usergroup of the person submitting it.

The Status section shows all Community items which don’t need approval, filtered by status. Use the Channel or Labels tabs to filter by channel or labels instead.

Approving pending Community Topics and comments

Use the Community Topics to review filter to approve pending Community Topics.


To approve new Community Topics individually:

  1. Click on the Community Topic. It opens in the content pane.
  2. Use the Disapprove/Approve buttons in the top right.


  1. Click Approve to move the Topic to new status. Or click Disapprove to delete the topic. You can enter a brief explanation which will be emailed to the User who created it.


To approve multiple Community Topics at once with mass actions:

  1. Select the items you want to delete using the check boxes to the left.
  2. Click the Perform Actions button and select Approve or Delete.


If you choose to Delete items with a mass action, you can enter a single explanation to send to all the Users.

Use the Comments to Review filter to approve pending comments.


Approving comments works like approving Community Topics, except that:

  • you can’t enter an explanation when deleting a comment
  • you can Edit comments from the list pane; to edit a Community Topic you need to open it in the content pane
  • you can click the Create Ticket button to make a Ticket based on the comment


Working with Community Topics in the list pane

Click on a filter to view all its Community Topics in the list pane.

The number of votes for each item is displayed in a yellow circle.


You can use the Ordered by control at the top of the list pane to sort Community Topics by:

  • Votes - total User votes, (highest at the top)
  • Popularity - popularity score (takes into account both the total number of votes received and how long it took to get those votes)
  • Date Created - newest at top


You can group by channel in the list pane:


If you have a channel filter selected in the filter pane, you can group by status instead.


To carry out mass actions on Community Topics, select items with the checkboxes on the left, then click Perform Actions.

Mass actions available for Community Topics are:

  • Set status
  • Set type
  • Delete
  • Mark as spam

Searching Community Topics

You can find Community Topics using the search bar.


Advanced search is available from the Community app filter pane.

Search only works for Community Topics, not comments.

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