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Viewing open and past chats


You can view chats from the Chat app filter pane.


There are inbuilt filters for open (active) chats and ended chats.

Open chats filter

The Open Chats section shows current active chats:

  • New Chats - chats that have not yet been assigned.
  • My Open Chats - open chats assigned to you.
  • All Open Chats - all chats, sub-filtered by agent.

Even if you are signed out of chat, you can click on open chats to accept them.

Ended chats filter

The Ended Chat section shows:

  • My Chats - ended chats that were assigned to you
  • Assigned Chats - ended chats that were assigned to an agent
  • Missed Chats - chats where the user left before an agent was assigned

When you view ended chats in the content pane, there is a Create ticket button in the Person section of the chat record. This creates a ticket linked to the chat.


You can use this to quickly open a ticket linked to a missed chat and maintain communication with the user.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 21 Aug 2019 by Emily Booth